Production & Assembly

Rite Tech Industries offers a competitive approach for offshore production and assembly. The primary benefits of our services are cost reduction, simplification of the manufacturing process, increased capacity by freeing up customers resources, price stability, responsiveness, flexibility, and consistent quality. You will find that using Rite tech Industries as a complete outsource supplier will free up capacity for more high value operations as well as reduction in inventory carrying costs. Our large volume assembly services eliminate any middle men. This allows you to have one resource and offers decreased cost while not infringing on quality.

Our assembly services include:

  • Product Design 100% of product design is done in the USA using a variety of software including Unigraphics and Solidworks.
  • Patent assistance: We offer the service of assisting you with all your patent requirements.
  • Plastic Injection Mold Design: Rite Tech Industries has implemented some of the leading CAD/CAM/CAE systems to ensure optimal control, assessment and machining of product design throughout the entire process of mold development.
  • Ultra Sonic Welding: We offer ultrasonic welding for many different applications.
  • Plastic Injection Molding: Rite Tech Industries has vast experience in plastic injection, processing a broad spectrum of polymer materials, including engineering resins such as ABS, Acetyl, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PBT, PPO, Polyurethane, SAN and alloys of these resins. Provides the option to the customer to request all the services we provide or they may request individual services. We can help you evaluate your initial needs without requiring an upfront fee.
  • Die Casting: In addition to offering Die cast mold design; our precision die casting machines consistently produce high quality parts in multiple aluminum alloys, zinc and brass. We offer both Short Run and production.
  • Extrusion Dies: Rite Tech Industries offers both metal and plastic extrusion dies and production.
  • Glass Products: We offer many glass products for the cosmetic and medical industries.
  • CNC Machining: A variety of CNC services are offered including Milling, Turning, wire, ands Screw machine products.
  • PCB Design and Manufacturing: Rite Tech Industries offers design for Full System Assemblies, Subassemblies, and prototypes.
  • Assembly:  Our large volume assembly services including PCB assembly.
  • Finish and Surface Treatments:We have access to many low cost surface treatment suppliers including; anodize, plating, silk screening, Heat Transfer, and pad printing.
  • Adhesive bonding:  We provide many adhesive options for an array of products.
  • Functional Testing:  Design and manufacturing of test equipment for the automotive and medical industries.
  • Custom Packaging: We offer a variety of industrial and decorative packaging options including, boxes, manuals, and clam shells. We can use your or artwork or we can create it for you.