Company Profile

For over a decade Rite Tech Industries has successfully developed joint ventures with quality offshore vendors, and have created several exclusive partnerships.

Rite Tech Industries is able to provide seamless global sourcing solutions for plastic injection, die casting components and assemblies; (i.e., mold making, mold design, product design, production molding). Rite Tech Industries is an independent company, unlike other global solution companies that are employed directly by offshore manufacturers.

Rite Tech Industries not only offering manufacturing solutions, but rather a turn-key service that is tailored around our customer's specific requirements.

Rite Tech Industries represents its customers through a strong relationship with our offshore partners, so we have the ability to achieve the best quality at the lowest cost. Due to our experience and multi-sourcing capabilities, we have the ability to negotiate cost and ultimately provide our customers with a quality product within budget. 

Our Mission

Rite Tech Industries recognizes that the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customers' operation and reputation. Therefore, we will strive to continuously improve our operations in order to deliver safe, effective, and timely products that meet the quality expectations of our customers.

We Value our Customers and are committed to providing them with quality and cost-effective services.

We Value our Suppliers and are committed to their success, sharing with them our customer-centric mission and quality expectations. 

We Value our Associates and are committed to maintaining a meaningful work environment suited for professional growth and fulfillment. 

We Value our Community and are committed to its prosperity.