Global Sourcing Advantages

There are many advantages of globally sourcing manufacturing, commodities, and procurement of capital equipment. Our customers have greatly benefited from our services based on three key elements; Cost Savings, High Quality, and Risk Reduction.

Cost Savings

Our customers are currently experiencing 30% - 50% savings. This is obtained by placing the customer's programs with "Best Fit" suppliers; that will meet their target pricing and quality expectations. The decrease in cost without compromising Quality has given many customers the competitive edge they needed to secure and execute their programs successfully.

High Quality

All our suppliers are audited by us. ISO9001 certification is a minimal requirement, and we have many suppliers with QS9000 certification. Our quality agents are continuously reviewing all suppliers currently running programs for us. Many of our customers have expressed satisfaction above our U.S. competitors. This has been achieved due to our suppliers' commitment to investing capital into technology and capacity. The combination of the highly skilled labor, the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and our ability to communicate clearly all customer expectations allows us to offer quality components to the highest quality standards.

Risk Reduction

Many companies, big and small, lack the personnel and the experience for global sourcing. Developing and maintaining an in-house global procurement team can be difficult and costly. Companies can minimize risk by acquiring a global sourcing strategy with Rite Tech Industries. Transferring accountability and risk from the offshore supplier to us relieves you of any risk you would be taking managing the program on your own directly overseas. Rite Tech Industries takes primary responsibility from development to delivery of your product.