Our company has a wide range of Plastic injection and Die Cast molding machines from 20 to 3200 Tons, with a complete set of air-assistant equipment.

Services List

auto part mold

1. Mold: We design and manufacture various auto part molds; such as auto lights, bumpers, dashboards, interior and exterior plastic parts, and all types of gas-assisted injection molds.

checking fixtures for automobile parts

2. Checking Fixture: Our company not only supplies the plastic mold for you, but we also supply checking fixtures for automobile parts. During the past year, we have successfully designed and manufactured more than one hundred sets for our customers, receiving their high praises.

injection machines

3. Produce Plastic Product: We have a full line of versatile injection machines, ranging from 20 to 1800 tons. In addition, we have full gas-assisted equipment in our sub-factory.

plastic and die cast manufacturing

Rite Tech Industries offers high quality, competitive offshore manufacturing services for plastic and die cast components and assemblies.

We specialize in plastic injection molding, die casting, tooling, design and production, for consumer products,medical devices, sporting goods, automotive components, household appliances, electrical devices, enclosures, cosmetics and general plastic products for small to large size companies, wholesalers and inventors.

Our Services

We are accustomed to working with short lead times for a quick turn-around The dedicated program management team assigned to your account will be there for you from the beginning of your design conception until product completion, including prototyping patent assistance and trouble-shooting. Our high quality Global Sourcing solutions include:

mold tools
  • Plastic injection molding capabilities from 20 to 3200 ton
  • Die Casting capabillities from 200-2200-ton
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Designated engineers
  • Tool specifications completed in conjunction with customer requirements
  • Tool Drawings provided for customer review and approval
  • Full Life-Cycle Program Management
  • Manufacturing schedules provided regularly with digital photographs to show tool progress prototyping

- All tools are trialed and approved to customer requirements before shipment

- If the customer is not present at the T1 trial, samples are sent via Air Courier to the customer’s site (3-5days)

  • Packaging Design
  • Silk Screen and Heat Transfer
  • Logistics and shipping

The following documentation is supplied with all mold tools:

  1. Pre-delivery Inspection Check List
  2. Tool Trial Check List
  3. Tool Drawings
  4. Steel Certificate of Conformity
  5. Hardness Certificates
  6. Hot Runner Schematics